We are fascinated by our sun and the stars. They are up in the sky and spread infinitely beyond what we can see or even imagine!
But there is an equally amazing world right under our feet- a world which tells us how our Earth has originated and the billion-year process that has brought us where we are.

Do you know, our Earth has a core, which could be as hot as the sun? Or all the diamonds and other precious stones form at the core and then are brought up by volcanoes?

To set out on this journey of a lifetime, click on the video, sit back and fasten your seat belts…..

Duration:8 minutes 58 seconds
Credits: Bright Side
Image Credits: Bright Side

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Water Droplets Adventure – Short Animation:

You must be amazed to see the treasures in the core of the earth. Few of the layers of the earth also hold groundwater. Do you know how a droplet from water bodies, become rain and then come down as a droplet, goes deep down in the groundwater and flows back to the water body it originated from.

Watch this animation by TRY YOUTUBE KIDS channel – ‘ Water droplet’ s adventure’ to understand its journey in a fun way.

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